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Today’s children should be prepared for the rapidly changing, ever-globalizing society they’ll soon be part of. As tomorrow’s world citizens, they need the best possible education at all stages of their lives. An international relocation shouldn’t give rise to educational boundaries. But finding the right educational solution for children anytime, anywhere requires a lot of research, knowledge, and expertise. Often, it also demands a good dose of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. How should internationally mobile families go about it?

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The internationalization of education is a hot topic among parents, educators, (future) employers, and policy makers. To internationally mobile families, however, it can be an area of concern. It’s not easy to unearth the best educational options for children when venturing into unexplored territory. Parents contend with complex questions: How should we compare the quality and effect of educational approaches? What is the socio-emotional impact of moving across borders? What do we need to know about multilingualism? Fortunately, there’s a place that holds the answers: the Innovation Center of Edufax.

At Edufax, we put the child’s needs first. Using our extensive expertise and a great dose of creativity, we provide tailored advice and create innovative educational solutions. We roll up our sleeves and don’t back out when things get a tad unconventional. Approaching the world of education from every angle, we consider the impact of educational history and current situational factors. The result: A-to-Z support on the international relocation process so children are sure to receive the best education before, during, and after leaving their home country.

Pioneers at heart

From accumulation to acceleration

Since 1992, our forward-thinking experts have created innovative educational solutions for children moving across borders. Pioneers at heart, we work from one basic principle: the child’s interests are paramount. Based on this belief, we’ve regularly gone off the beaten track to devise a solution that truly benefits the child. Tackling roadblocks and celebrating academic achievements with families, our experts have closely monitored the educational development of thousands of children over the years.

This accumulation of expertise is stored at our Innovation Center, the nucleus of our organization. Here, our specialists deploy and develop their knowledge on education, innovation, international educational mobility, technology, and applications. They conduct research and translate the results into new, groundbreaking educational solutions and services. This helps us maintain our frontrunner position in our field and support our clients in the best possible way!

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