Breaking ground, helping children flourish

The field of international education is as potential ridden as it is risk filled. There is an educational solution for every child, regardless of time or place. But identifying all the options and selecting the right one(s) is by no means easy. It requires experience and knowledge in the global educational field, which most families lack. Where to find the required expertise?

Enter our Innovation Center experts, who deploy 27 years of accumulated knowledge, experience, and research to devise educational innovations that prioritize the child’s interest. Frontrunners in our market, we adopt a tailored, thorough approach: based on a client’s request (usually, the employer), market data, and our own creativity, we develop groundbreaking educational solutions and services. To achieve the best results, we collaborate with knowledge partners and organizations. It is this joining of forces that we derive our strength from – time and again, it allows us to ensure the best possible education for every internationally mobile child, helping it grow and flourish.

Innovative educational solutions

Innovative educational solutions that fit like a glove

In all our endeavors, one principle is key: the child’s interest is more important than our own. This results in independent research and genuine advice on education. We won’t rest until we create a solution that fits like a glove, innovative and unconventional as it may be. Considering all stakeholders’ needs as well as the available budget, we use the knowledge and technology developed at our Innovation Center to ensure a child’s learning process isn’t thwarted by borders, language issues, or other aspects of an international relocation.

Through research and firsthand experience, we are well aware of existing educational opportunities. Our flexible, proactive attitude and creative minds allow us to spot the proverbial door in the wall, which leads to the most suitable education before, during, and after the international relocation. That’s how we make the difference for every child.

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